Dennis Frates

Dennis Frate’s love of the outdoors began at a very early age and led to the hobby of photographing nature, which he has done for over 25 years. In college he earned B.S. and M.S. degrees in physical geography and ecology and had the opportunity to study the physical landscapes he was photographing. Over 20 years ago, he turned this passion into a professional business and has photographed extensively in the western United States. Although he sells images to all sorts of markets, including National Geographic, Sierra Club and National Audubon, the bulk of his enthusiasm is spent producing prints for the fine art market. His prints have been shown and sold in several galleries and he has won numerous awards including the prestigious Westmorland Art Nationals “Photograph of the Year” and the Keh International Garden Photographer of the Year for two consecutive years. Dennis has published five books and 19 sole photographer landscape/nature calendars and is currently working on a book of fine art photographs entitled "Lightdances Across the Landscape".

Dennis Frates's Portfolio