Elizabeth Tyndall

I am an artist, a painter inspired by nature. Ever since I was a child I have loved creating, whether it be with a paintbrush and casting those first strokes upon a canvas, or the feeling of fresh cut flowers being artistically arranged in a vase of water.   I have also been a florist since I was 16 but my true passion is with a paintbrush!

Bringing nature into a painting, is what I've been inspired to do for the past 20 years. But lately, I've realized how therapeutic and powerful it can be to be surrounded by both. There is beauty and peace found in the world around us, so why not bring some of it indoors. So my passion is to create spaces that will help us to grow, heal and inspire us to live a more fully authentic life. You can never go wrong with bringing nature into the space you live in.

My work is mainly inspired by nature but I also love creating pieces that are whimsical and fun as well. I enjoy working the most with acrylics and watercolors. Many of my paintings are created from trips to the mountains, hikes through the forest and even visits to garden shops. I am always looking for inspiration through nature so many of my paintings show my love for the outdoors and my love for birds as well as flowers.

I am also a Mom, I love old houses, playing in the garden, photography, decorating, writing, reading, creating soul space and searching for beauty to paint everywhere. 

Through my art, I hope to inspire others and hope they find beauty and joy from my work.  I am always up for any challenge and am continuously learning and growing.  Happily married and a Mom of two children,  I look forward each day to creating.  My favorite things to paint are whimsical images, anything to do with nature, birds, flowers, water and so much more! I also enjoys painting animals, waterscapes, pet portraits and more.  I have even painted pictures of sports cars. 

To those of you that have purchased my art, THANK YOU!  It is truly my passion to create one of kind pieces of art that can be enjoyed!  That is truly why I love what I do, because I feel like through my art, I can add beauty and joy in the world.

Elizabeth Tyndall's Portfolio