How to become a Sagebrush Artist

Sagebrush Fine Art represents artists who would like to have their art marketed to the masses and increase their income to become a successful artist in this industry. We actively seek new artists who create art that has the capability to target trends and work on a wide variety of products.


Many artists have spent years focusing on creating beautiful art, and chances are you have not had the opportunity or time to market it. You are most likely not familiar with the hundreds of manufacturers in North America who might be seeking art like yours. You may not know how to contact these buyers and you may not be aware of the expenses involved in making a presentation.

While you may know some basic facts about art licensing and copyrights, you might not know what needs to be in any contract you sign to protect your right to control what happens with your art and your copyrights. You are an artist, not an attorney.

Having a knowledgeable licensing representative with copyright attorneys who know how art licensing agreements work is invaluable. There are more law suits today than ever before and you will need protection. We offer this!

Sagebrush Fine Art has been in both Art Publishing and Art Licensing for 25 years. We are in constant contact with creative directors, licensing directors and art print buyers of the major companies who manufacture products and in turn sell them to the major retailers in North America.

We offer valuable marketing information that will help artists become successful quicker. It is a fact that 80% of consumer goods in North America are purchased by women. At Sage, over 80% of our team members are female. This is not a coincidence. Since women purchase the art, women should be involved in creating products with your art.

We license art for home décor, home accessories, fabrics, textiles, clothing, collectables, calendars, puzzles, paper products, cards, 3-Dimensional figurines, wall art, tin, plaques, giftware, books and many other commercial products.

Our main emphasis is representing artists who create art in any medium that is beautiful, charming, home spun, nostalgic, and decorative. The categories are broad including but not limited to; florals, landscapes, abstract, wildlife, men’s art, photography, transportation, sports, coastal, beach, figurative, global, holidays, lodge, mixed media, nature, pets, pop art, juvenile, tween, teen, vintage and western.

We look for prolific artists who can paint and design for current market trends, which are diverse and can paint a variety of subject matters. Artists who are flexible when a project demands.

We sell to every major wall décor company through our Wall Decor division. These companies frame and sell art into the major retailers in North America. We are considered the best customer service and art resource company in the industry! We take pride in being the best, most creative, proactive company out there! We work very hard to keep this status.

We are a fully staffed Art Licensing company with several designers working on new licenses all day every day of the week. These team members use your art for designing products which are sent to potential licensees to manufacture products! We expedite the process of getting your art on products.


If these facts are not something you feel you can do then Sage is not the right company for you. We only wish to invest monies on Artists who will work as hard for us as we will for them.



New Talent is out there and we know it. We are always on the lookout for new artists with new styles, whatever their mediums. With the ever changing market we work in, we are always looking to expand our group of artists. 

We prefer your submission to be sent via email to You can send any of the following:

What to Expect....

All submissions are reviewed by our team twice a month, but things are busy and sometimes our reviews don't happen that often. Please understand it will probably take some time before you will hear anything. If we determine we are interested in your work, we will contact you to explain how we work. At this point we will send you the contracts to review and then we will answer any questions you may have.

Thank you for considering us as your Wall Decor / Licensing Representative. We are committed to producing beautiful art and staying in touch with the market place and all its changing needs. We find that a good attitude and a fast pace help make the ride a bit smoother.